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Ice tea dispenser - world innovation

Quick and easy preparation of the perfect ice tea by the push of a button! All natural and refreshing. Very easy and clean preparation of ice-cold ice tea. Stays fresh for long and independent of the weather nearly unlimited ice tea available! For higher flexibility, you can have 2-4 taste per device – a 3 litre-box gives you 30 litres of ready ice tea!

The trend goes to healthier alternatives to softdrinks… what would be more suitable than natural tea?

Ice tea dispenser


The advantages at a glance:

  • Ice tea perfectly chilled at the press of a button

  • Real, natural tea with fruit juice

  • Independent of weather nearly unlimited ice tea available (without long waiting and preparation times)

  • 6 different tastes available

  • Very little space needed on the counter & easy installation (only water & electricity), very low energy efficiency (A++)

  • Fully automatic cleaning – only necessary to clean the glass exit tube with a brush (time needed app. 1 minute) and once every 3 months to flush the tea-tubes with hot water (time needed app. 10 minutes, only hot water needed)

  • Very quick and clean dispense of ice tea

  • Per Bag-in-Box 30 litres of ice tea, this means even in the smallest device 60 litres and exchanging the bag-in-box is done in seconds


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