FRUCTOMAT - a worldwide success in more than 25 countries!

The innovative FRUCTOMAT System

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Concentrate + Water = Ready Drink

The new, patented and innovative FRUCTOMAT drink system spares our environment from a lot of noise, empty transport kilometres and CO2. 80% less warehousing and logistics and at least 50% less energy use for cooling compared to packaged drinks (bottles, cans, cartons, etc.). Each FRUCTOMAT is an effective drink manufacturing system and can be used wherever YOU want. It produces fresh fruit juices, fruit juice drinks, soft drinks, natural tea or sports drinks from concentrate and fresh water – you can‘t have it any more efficient, cost-effective or fresher than this! – a future oriented investment.Fructomat beverage dispenser high capacity of drinks

e.g. JDM 2 1+19 mixing ratio: a 6-litre concentrate produces 120 litres of fresh fruit juice!


High flexibility

The FRUCTOMAT offers flexibility at all levels, 100% fruit juice, nectar, fruit juice drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, with or without CO2, hot or cold – a perfect mix dispensed very cleanly from a compact machine.


All the advantages at a glance:

  • High drink capacity with an unbelievably small housing size
  • High energy efficiency thanks to dry cooling, LED illumination and much more.
  • Lower service costs due to automatic cleaning after each drink, easy & quick service
  • Flexible programming for concentrates from 1+4 to 1+49 and the desired output quantities
  • Central dispensing area with integrated cup sensor
  • Perfect mix thanks to the SIV (syrup injection valve)
  • Best hygiene thanks to hermetically-sealed concentrate, automatic cleaning and glass dispensing tube
  • HACCP-tested before delivery
  • High reliability thanks to solid workmanship and a protective surface
  • Easy-to-change product labels due to ESI(easy slide-in)
  • FSS (Flow Safety System) with extra safety valve on the water entrance
  • ETCS (Easy Tube Change System) quicker tube change for the highest hygiene standards
  • Saves resources thanks to logisticalsavings and less CO2 emissions as well aswaste prevention
  • Accounting and preparationfor payment systems for all models with an LCD display


Protective structure coatingProtect coating beverage dispenser

All devices are HACCP-testedHACCP check beverage dispenser

Intelligent central drink dispensing areaIntelligent drink exit

ESI (easy slide-in product labels)ESI labels

Anti-vandalism buttonsAnti vandalism buttons




Future-proof and economical

  • Fructomat is good for the environment and good for your budget. With a very high potential of savings in energy, logistics and maintenance, each of our innovative  machines is a secure and sustainable investment.
  • The world debut Hot & Cold in a single dispenser. 
  • MidMix II means no residue, no drying up and extreme cleanliness! With our patented process, produces your desired end products, for example fruit juices, fruit juice drinks, soft drinks, natural tea or sports drinks ... from concentrate and water.