Beverage Dispenser JDM ID 4-5

Elegant and flexible!


The JDM ID (Intelligent design) models are very adjustable in design and size. The dispenser is height adjustale or fixed with cup/glass shelf. This way glasses, bottles or carafes of all sizes find their place. Depending on space requirements and installation options, the concentrate cartons as well as the technics box and cooling are stored in the device or in the base cabinet - and all that in one single device!


 The highlights at a glance:

  •  4/6 drinks + still water (CO2 or hot – OPTIONAL)
  • Bag-in-Box concentrates are stored in the base cabinet or directly behind the dispensing unit (bags up to 10l possible)
  • Height-ajustable dispense from 150mm to 290mm or FIX "S" = 150mm and FIX "L" =290 mm with cup/glass shelf (adjustable)
  • Drip tray with electronic monitoring ("FULL" and position control)
  • ESI (Easy Slide in) labels
  • Well-proven and patented MidMix III system for perfect and clean drink preparation
  • Stable Brix values with electronic dosage of water and concentrate quantity
  •   Fully automatic cleaning after EACH drink
  •   Carafe function
  • Made-to-lat and robust materials - stainless steel or powder-coated steel
  •   Front decorative panels made of synthetic resin composite (extremely scratch-resistant and easy to replace) - highly flexible adaptation to the desigred design
  • High model diversity and multi-purpose Installation option

Technics box

  • Easy connection with plug connection for tower
  • All connections IN THE FRONT

Timelessly elegant & technically perfect

With the various deisgn counters (also with individual surface optics customer request), your dispenser will be perfectly displayed as an elegant design elemnt. Beside storage space for the technics box and cooling, plenty of space is provided for concentrates (also reserves), CO2 bottles and additional glasses or carafes.

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The right solution for each purpose - individually adapted to you


 Many options:


  • Installed as column on counter with concentrate cartons, tehcnics box and cooling in base cabinet
  • Installed as wall unit with dispensing unit on the wall and concentrate cartons, technics box
  • As countertop model with 1 x 10l and 2 x 5l or up to 2 x 10 l BiB in the device
  • As countertop model with  2 x 10l and 4 x 5l or up to 4 x 10 l BiB in the device 

Available in the following versions:

    JDM ID 4-5 M STILL / CO2 / HOT & COLD
    JDM ID 4-5 L STILL / CO2 / HOT & COLD
    JDM ID 4-5 XL STILL / CO2 / HOT & COLD